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Another Foreign Policy Statement

On behalf of the Kingdom of Talossa, the Foreign Minister is hereby instructed to utter in a serious and appropriately modulated tone of voice the following discourse: "Devotion to one's nation should not be one's most important political obligation. Such devotion is dangerous and impedes human solidarity and the Kingdom of Talossa categorically shits upon it. To avoid the charge of hypocrisy, we Talossans affirm to the world that if we take Talossa to be a nation, we also affirm that our 'nationality' is disposable and that it does not claim any unconditional loyalty from us." If the Foreign Minister can get to New York before this government collapses, he should utter this discourse in earshot of the United Nations. Otherwise, he may wait for a fine spring-like day before going outside to declaim it.

Proposed by: Daniel Lorentz (PW-Vuode)

[repealed by 17RC41]

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