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Deputy PM Clarification Amendment

A glitch exists in the 198 Constituziun. Article 46 contains the following language: "Should the Prime Minister die or resign during his term (and not issue an order to dissolve the Cosâ), the King/Regent shall nominate a new Prime Minister to complete his term. He shall be nominated, confirmed and sworn in like other Prime Ministers. The King/Regent shall always have the option of dissolving the Cosâ instead and calling new elections. The new government must be formed and receive a vote of confidence before the end of the calendar month in which the PM resigns, or else the Cosâ must be dissolved and new elections called by the King/Regent." That is in conflict with Article 54, which states that if the PM dies or quits, the Deputy Prime Minister automatically takes over for him. THEREFORE: The Cosâ hereby repeals the quoted passage above from Article 46, so that the succession to the office by the Deputy PM is clearly affirmed.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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