Law:Palestine Independence (Revocation) Act

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Palestine Independence (Revocation) Act

WHEREAS, in an attempt to further world peace, the Kingdom of Talossa in February of 1989 recognised the Independent State of Palestine; and WHEREAS, said recognition was provisional, dependent upon the future peaceful behaviour of the Palestine Liberation Organisation; and WHEREAS the PLO has recently betrayed its financial benefactor Kuwait, and declared support for the campaign of terror-bombing of civilians perpetrated by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, thus expressing its goals as war, not peace--destruction of Israel, not peaceful coexistence; THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby recognises the West bank and Gaza Strip as integral parts of the territory of the state of Israel, to be administered as Israel shall determine.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode); John A. Jahn (TNP-Pórt Maxhestic)

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