Law:The "Commander of Talossan Overseas Forces" Act

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The "Commander of Talossan Overseas Forces" Act

Whereas Citizen Brook Gläfke has for the past five years of his Citizenship shown great involvement and interest—and hence patriotism—in his adopted homeland of Talossa, and Whereas he has been the sole Citizen outside the immediate vicinity of the Kingdom to sustain such activity, the Cosâ hereby grants him the special title of "Commander of Talossan Overseas Forces." While purely ceremonial in character, this title nonetheless is granted to Mr. Gläfke because his patriotism and involvement in the face of adverse distance is admirable and worthy of duplication and imitation by Citizens in similar circumstances.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn/Brook Gläfke (TNP-Pórt Maxhestic)

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