Law:The Abolish the Cestoûr Council Act

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The Abolish the Cestoûr Council Act

WHEREAS Talossans do not wish to let non-Talossans decide our future and,

WHEREAS the ultimate goal of the Cestoûr Council is to let non-Talossans have some say in how our political system works and,

WHEREAS an election was held in December which allowed the Cestoûrs themselves to vote and,

WHEREAS they voted with a 100% majority that the Cestoûr Council be abolished and,

WHEREAS the Cestoûr Council itself urges its own abolition (see the Address to the Whole House) now,

THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby repeals 8RC9 of November 1988, and abolishes the Cestoûr Council.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PV-Vuode)

Scribe's Note: Repeals 8RC9

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