Law:The National Heritage (Nomenclature) Act

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The National Heritage (Nomenclature) Act

Whereas a movement is afoot to update the names of Talossan provinces, and Whereas all Talossans have a stake in this movement because we would prefer not to be embarrassed by placenames in our country (e.g. Mussolini Province), therefore we resolve that any newly-created placename within the territorial bounds of Talossa is hereby directed to be relevant to the history of Talossa under the following guidelines: Provinces may not be named after living Talossans. Provinces my not be named after foreigners, unless they Set foot on Talossan soil, and Have demonstrated connexions to Talossan heritage and Are dead. (Reagan doesn't count.) Provinces not named after people must be named in the Talossan language (e.g. Pórt Maxhestic). The Talossan Cartographic Institute (established 1988/IX, see LC37.4.88) shall oversee the implementation of all of the above.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PV-Vuode)

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