List of Days of Observance during the 52nd Cosa

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During the 52nd Cosa term Seneschal Ian Plätschisch issued various PD's declaring days of observance as a reward for citizens who completed 20 of one of three possible actions: Update a page on the wiki, create a new page on the wiki or move a document from the Talossan reading room to the Library.

Days of Observance

  • KARED Day[1] (13 August 2018/XXXIX) - Celebrating that the correct colour denoting the province of Atatürk is red.
  • Second Websites Day[2] (18 August 2018/XXXIX) - Celebrating the consumption of sandwiches made exclusively of rye bread or a similarly dense equivalent, sriracha sauce, the pulp of a boiled squash, and fresh sliced grapes.
  • Supertramp Appreciation Day[3] (27 August 2018/XXXIX) - Celebrating the British rockband Supertramp