Cort dels Edilicieux

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The Magistracy, in Talossan Cort dels Edilicieux (pronounced [koɾt dɛwz‿ɛðɪɫɪˈt͡ʃiɪwʃ]), was the inferior judicial body in Talossa, supplementing the superior Cort Pü Inalt. It erved as initial venue for all suits, both civil and criminal, that arise in the nation, although its decisions may be appealed to the Cort Pü Inalt. Cases were received by the Clerk of Courts and assigned by the Chief Magistrate.

Legal basis

The Magistracy derives its powers from 39RZ18, which is incorporated in the Lexhatx in Title G, Section 10. During the 47th Cosa, the Magistrates Courts were abolished and the three Magistrates took seats on the Uppermost Court.