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Sir Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial, UrGP is a citizen of Talossa and of the province of Maritiimi-Maxhestic since 2014.


Tafial's interests primarily revolve around the Talossan language. He is currently serving as the leader (more formally, as the "Provisional Convernor") of La Società per l'Ilesnaziun del Glheþ Naziunal (SIGN), a new organization superseding the historic CUG in the task of overseeing the language, to which he provided rules of operation; in this capacity, he proposed a new provisional spelling, which represented the biggest overhaul to the language since the 2007 Arestada. In addition to his role as leader of SIGN, Tafial was formally appointed as Ladintsch Naziunal on June 1st 2021/XLII.

Tafial was a contributor to Zoneu Auþorisat, for which he translated some articles into Talossan. He still operates as a "freelance translator".

From 2020 onwards, Tafial has been involved in a project to create a new version of Översteir, a tool to translate phrases between English and Talossan. He was generally responsible for the linguistic direction and testing, with Lüc da Schir in charge of the actual implementation. As of late 2022, the website is feature complete.

He was knighted in November 2022/XLIII for his leadership in SIGN and efforts in the study and reform the Talossan language. He became the first inductee in the Order of the Purple Tongue in eleven years, and the only active member, as Tomás Gariçéir left Talossa in 2005.


Generally known to be a republican, Tafial briefly entered politics in the 56th Cosa, running for his own one-man Parti Tafialistà. He won 5 seats, and subsequently served as Tuischac'h for the duration of the term.

Other interests

Tafial joined the Zouaves in 2019 and is one of eight Talossans currently at the rank of Private First Class.

Tafial took part in the 2018 Talossalympic Games, finishing fifth in Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Tafial was appointed Clerk of Courts on October 27th 2014 by Seneschal Lüc da Schir; however, the office fell vacant by law at some point after. A successor was only appointed on July 30 2019.