Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Current Head: The Mximo Carbonèl
Deputy: vacant
Function: Conducts foreign relations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (La Mhinistrà dels Afaes Útphätseschti, pronounced [ɫɐ ṽɪnɪsˈtɾaː ðəwz‿ɐˈfaɪ̯z‿ˈutfæt͡səʃtʲ]) sees to diplomatic relations between the Kingdom and the other nations of the world. The ministry establishes and maintains all embassies, consulates, and other missions to foreign states, and provides each with properly accredited diplomatic or consular staff (including ambassadors-general, ambassadors, consuls-general, consuls, attachés, spies, and other officers) and administrative and technical staff. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is sometimes known as "MinFor."

Together with STUFF and Defense, the Ministry is one of the longest existing ones in the Cabinet, dating back to William Renzi, who served in 1987 during the 6th Cosa, followed by Ben Madison. Indeed, during the 6th Cosa the Foreign Ministry was the only one mentioned in the Constitution, as it specified that "there must be a Minister of Foreign Affairs". Ian von Metairia was later recorded as being the incumbent during the 18th Cosa.

The current Minister is the Mximo Carbonèl.


The Ministry consists of the Foreign Minister, Deputy Foreign Minister and the Ambassadors-General along with the Bureau for Humanitarian Aid and International Development (BHAID) and the Office of Structural Assistance (OSA). The Ministry has structured its embassies through establishment of the posts of Ambassadors-General to each continent, who are empowered to appoint ambassadors to individual nations, should the Ambassador-General require.

Currently, the posts of Ambassadors-General are as follows:

  • Australia and Oceania  :
  • The Americas  :
  • Europe  :
  • Asia :
  • Other Extra-Talossan Realms (including Africa, Antarctica) : TO BE ANNOUNCED

The post of the Director of the Office of Structural Assistance (OSA) traditionally falls to Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister. The OSA is a clearinghouse and resource for technical assistance which makes Talossan administrative expertise available to the international community.

Administrator for the Bureau for Humanitarian Aid and International Development is currently:


The Foreign Ministry also establishes Consulates throughout the world, appointing a single Consul-General and any number of Consuls, which serve at the consulates. To qualify as a consulate, an establishment must trade in the national currency (beer), exchanging it on a regular basis for foreign currency. Bars, public houses, and liquor stores around the world may achieve official recognition as Talossan consulates through application to the Foreign Ministry.

The Consulate served by the Talossan Consul-General determines the standard bullion of Talossan currency and its base exchange rate. The most recent Consul-General was Baron Fritz von Buchholtz, owner-operator of the Talossan Consulate in Fredonia, Wisconsin, USA, and the standard bullion is Miller Genuine Draft. (Values of other bullions are determined from this base by assessments performed by the Royal Treasury Reserve Board within the Royal Bank & Post.)