New Falklands

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The New Falklands are an "archipelago" of small rocks which is a dependency of Cézembre. The population of the New Falklands is zero, and there are no known natural resources in the dependency. The chief export of the New Falklands is gentle splashing.

According to The History of the Kingdom of Talossa:

Soon after their arrival in St Malo on 6 August [1982/III], Talossan King Robert I and [Frédéric] Maugey swam out to a few off-shore rocks and partitioned this "archipelago" between them, Talossa naming its 10 square foot conquest the 'New Falklands.'

The name of the islands is a reference to the Falkland Islands, which had been prominently features in international news during that period; the Falklands War between Great Britain and Argentina over the sovereignty of the islands began a month prior to the annexation of the New Falklands.