Nicolâ Casálmac'h

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Nicolâ Casálmac'h (Nicole Scofield) is a citizen of Talossa and of Florencia province. Brother of fellow-citizen Sevastáin, she is a family friend of King John.

Initially affiliated with the Conservative Loyalist Party, Casálmac'h broke with the party over the question of continuing the vacancy of the throne left by the abdication of Louis. Believing the throne should be filled quickly according to the provisions of Organic Law, Casálmac'h was one of many CLP legislators who switched their allegiance to the RUMP.

Eventually finding the RUMP to be too much of a big-tent party for her conservative and religious views, Casálmac'h and her brother formed the VMR but, being college-age and busy, neither were able to spend the time necessary to grow the party, and they eventually returned to the RUMP, until the 2012 formation of the CeR, which won their support.

Casálmac'h is interested in the Talossan language and has served as a member of the CUG.


Preceded by
Quedeir Castiglha
Senator for Mussolini (a.k.a. Benito)
37th Cosa - Dissolution of the 40th Cosa
Succeeded by
Flip Molinar