Senate for the 37th Cosa

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The Senate for the 37th Cosa consisted of seven seats.


The Senate seat for Maritiimi-Maxhestic went to Alexandreu Davinescu, who defeated Danihel Laurier on a 6-1 vote.

Nicolâ Casálmac'h ran unopposed to take the Mussolini seat.


The members of the Senate for the 37th Cosa, listed in the order of the scheduled expiration of their terms, were:

Province Senator Term Expired
1 2 3 4 - 5 6
Vuode Sir Trotxâ Betiñéir, UrN With 37th Cosa
Atatürk Duke Ian von Metairia1 Sir Fritz von Buchholtz, UrN With 37th Cosa
Cézembre Nikü Spyropoulos With 38th Cosa2
Florencia Prince Patrick With 38th Cosa
Maricopa Olaf Brainerd With 39th Cosa
Maritiimi-Maxhestic Alexandreu Davinescu With 39th Cosa
Mussolini Nicolâ Casálmac'h With 40th Cosa


1 Senator von Metairia vacated his seat by failing to vote in the third and fourth Clarks, and his seat was filled by appointment of Senator von Buchholtz, who voted in the final two Clarks.

2 Senator Spyropolous was appointed to the Cézembrean Senate seat before the commencement of the Cosa, due to the resignation of the seat by Baron Hooligan upon his appointment as Seneschal. Thus, Senator Spyropolous served out the full term to which Hooligan had been elected.

Note that at this time Senatorial by-elections were not the practice; the Organic change mandating by-elections be held to fill vacancies after interim appointments was ratified subsequently. Accordingly, at this time, appointments to vacant seats allowed the appointee to hold the seat until the regular expiration of the term to which the former Senator had been elected, without the seat coming up for a by-election with the next dissolution of the Cosa.