Senate for the 34th Cosa

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The Senate for the 34th Cosa consisted of seven seats.


The incumbent Senator for Maritiimi-Maxhestic, Ian von Metairia, was re-elected.

Gary Cone replaced Wes Erni as Senator for Mussolini.


The members of the Senate for the 34th Cosa, listed in the order of the scheduled expiration of their terms, were:

Province Senator Term Expired
1 2 3 4 5 6
Vuode Amy Durnford1 With 34th Cosa
Atatürk Marcus Cantaloûr1 With 34th Cosa
Cézembre Francesco Felici2 With 35th Cosa
Florencia Brook Pànetâ2 With 35th Cosa
Maricopa Peter Hottelet1 With 36th Cosa
Maritiimi-Maxhestic Danihel Laurieir3 With 36th Cosa
Mussolini Gary Cone1 With 37th Cosa

While two of the Senators nominally held their seats into the 35th Cosa (see note 2, below), the fact is that the entire membership of the Senate turned over at the end of this Cosa, as none of these seven persons ever again voted their seats or re-assumed a seat in the Senate.


1 Senators Durnford, Cantaloûr, Hottelet, and Cone all renounced their citizenships before the elections to the 35th Cosa. Quedeir Castiglha was appointed to Senator Cone's seat, and Ian von Metairia was appointed to Senator Cantaloûr's seat. As the Organic Law provided that two years' citizenship (or the holding of a peerage) was required for a person to be eligible to vote in the Senate, no other candidate citizens were available, and the seats of Senator Durnford and Hottelet were vacant to begin the 35th Cosa.

2 Senators Felici and Pànetâ were only in contact concerning Talossan matters with the King, if at all. There was some question regarding whether they had been voting their seats or the King had been providing their votes. Thus it was suspected, with the renunciation of the King, that these two Senators would likely fail to vote their seats in the next Cosa, and indeed this proved to be the case. Both Senators never appeared again, and their citizenship eventually lapsed. To allow for the Senate to maintain a quorum or four members should these two seats indeed vacate as expected, Ma la Mha was elevated to the peerage by the Regent for King Louis, so that an appointment could be made to one of the seats.

3 Senator Laurier failed to vote in the final two Clarks of the Cosa, vacating his seat. It was filled by the appointment of Fritz von Buchholtz.