Senate for the 26th Cosa

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The Senate for the 26th Cosa consisted of seven seats.


The seat for Florencia was retained by the incumbent Mximo Carbonél.

The Senate seat for Maricopa was retained by the incumbent Ken Oplinger.


The members of the Senate for the 26th Cosa, listed in the order of the scheduled expiration of their terms, were:

Province Senator Term Expired
- 1 2 3 4 5
Maritiimi-Maxhestic Ian von Metairia With 26th Cosa
Mussolini Matthias Muth With 26th Cosa
Vuode Harry Lee Madison With 27th Cosa
Atatürk Tomás Gariçéir1 Mark Franklin With 27th Cosa
Cézembre Gjermund Higraff With 28th Cosa
Florencia Mximo Carbonél With 28th Cosa
Maricopa Ken Oplinger With 29th Cosa


1 Senator Gariçéir resigned his seat after the fourth Clark. It was filled by the appointment of Senator Franklin.