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See also: Arestadă and Glheþ.

A Pienamaintsch (plural: pienamaintschen; English: Addendum) is a supplement to the Arestadăs that were issued by the Comità per l’Útzil del Glheþ, which sanctioned and published newly-coined or -accepted vocabulary into the Talossan language. Together with the Arestadă, it was the most frequent and immediate influence that members of the Committee could exert over the national language. The 2007 Pienamaintsch is irregular insofar as it is an instruction to the appropriate bodies and offices, detailling the changes necessary to implement the 2007/XXVIII Orthographic Arestadă.

Past Pienamaintschen

This is a list of all known Pienamaintschen issued by the Committee for the Use of the Talossan Language: