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The Primary Intelligence Group (PIG), or Grupa Primar del Säpençéu (GPS) ( pronounced [ˈɡɾupɐ pɾiˈmaɾ dəɫ ˈsæpɐnsɪʊ̯] or [ˈɡɾupɐ pɾiˈmaɾ ðəw ˈsæpɐnsɪʊ̯]) was an agency of the Ministry of Defence established by statutory law 29RZ8 in November 2001/XXII, and discontinued through 57RZ25 in December 2022/XLIII.

The group was chartered "to collect, analyze and disseminate vital information to the Seneschal and others as directed" and provide briefings to the Ziu when directed to do so by the Seneschal. The PIG operated separately from, but in concert with, all other domestic and allied information collection agencies, military organizations, law enforcement agencies and other groups as directed.

According to the official mandate of the group, "The modern world is a dangerous place, and someone must lead the shadowy fight to preserve truth, justice and the Talossan way. The Primary Intelligence Group is Talossa's agency for leading this fight. Due to the clandestine nature of the work performed by the GPS, many of their victories are won in secret."

The director of the group, appointed by the Defence Minister, was known as the Director of Intelligence.

The PIG was divided into three branches, which, respectively, may be headed by a Deputy Director:

  • General Operations Directorate (GOD), which conducted clandestine operations, information collection and other duties as directed.
  • Analysis Sub-Section (ASS), which conducted information analysis and other duties as directed.
  • Internal Information Security Sub-Section (2I3S), which conducted intra-agency security operations and other duties as directed.