Republican Party of Talossa

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Republican Party of Talossa
Leader: Mximo Carbonel
Founded: January 2016
Disbanded:June 2018
Le Parti Republicain / El Partí Republican
Leader: Mximo Carbonel
Founded: March 2013
Disbanded:April 2014

Le Parti Republicain (or LPR) was a political party founded by Mximo Carbonel during the 44th Cosa General Election. S:reu Carbonel formed the LPR in a split from the ZRT after he was rebuked by the party leadership for using insulting language towards another party. After about a year of existence, the LPR merged back with the ZRT, and its seven seats were merged with theirs.

The party was revived during the 48th Cosa, and contested the elections for the 49th to 51st Cosa under the English name Republican Party of Talossa, before rearranging itself into the Make Talossa Great Again party for the 52nd Cosa - a moniker it already used in some 50 words statements.