Royalist People's Party

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Royalist People's Party
Leader: Breneir Tzaracomprada
Founded: 1 November 2023
Beliefs: Nonpartisan and Independent Civil Service, Royalist

The Royalist People's Party was founded by Breneir Tzaracomprada as an offshoot of the Talossan National Congress. Tzaracomprada resigned from the TNC after their entry into an agreement with the FreeDems allowing for a bipartisan veto on reforms to the monarchy and Chancery.

RPP Platform (60th Cosa)

-Nonpartisan and Independent Civil Service. We will propose legal reforms to the Chancery to disallow future secretaries of state to act as partisan officers at the national level. We believe it is common sense that election administrators should be free of even the appearance of partiality. We will also encourage current and future members of the Civil Service to better maintain their distance from partisan politics (participation in party cosa lists and ministerial assignments).

-Monarchy Reform. We support reform of the monarchy not as a campaign tool for motivate the base but as an area of needed improvement. We propose the Sabor selection model for royal succession as proposed for endorsement in the Florencian House of Shepherds.