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The Sénéchal is the elected leader of the Cézembrean government. The Sénéchal acts as a provincial Secretary of State and Scribe, which means (s)he is responsible for conducting provincial elections, referenda and votes in l'Etats, the provincial assembly of Cézembre. According to the Information Act the Sénéchal is also responsible for keeping online information about the province up to date. The Sénéchal may issue proclamations, which act as provincial law. These proclamations must be signed by the Governor-General. The Current Sénéchal is Thor Deyaert.

Election of a Sénéchal

A new Sénéchal is elected after the elections, or when the previous Sénéchal resigns or is removed by l'Etats. Elections start between one and two weeks after General Elections and take three weeks. Cézembreans who want to become Sénéchal must announce their candidacy in the first week and the actual voting takes place in the last two weeks.


Until July 15th, 2012, the office of the Sénéchal was referred to as Seneschal. Given that the Prime Minister of Talossa is also called Seneschal, the citizens of Cézembre voted in a referendum to rename the title of the provincial premier during the elections to the 44th Cosa. The amendment to the Constitution of Cézembre changed the title of the provincial premier to Sénéchal and was proclaimed by Governor-General Sir Cresti Siervicül shortly after the referendum.

2019 Elections

For the 2019 election, nobody registered as a candidate in the first week, so Thor Deyaert resigned to trigger another election.

List of previous Sénéchals

Name Start of term End of term
Thor Deyaert 1 August 2018/XXXIX incumbent
Alèxandreu Soleighlfred 3 November 2017/XXXVIII 31 July 2018/XXXIX
Glüc da Dhi 21 April 2016/XXXVII 2 November 2018/XXXIX
Owen Edwards 27 January 2014/XXXV 20 April 2016/XXXVII
Alèxandreu Soleighlfred 23 May 2013/XXXIV 27 January 2014/XXXV
Niclau Patíci 12 August 2012/XXXIII 23 May 2013/XXXIV
Glüc da Dhi 16 November 2011/XXXII 12 August 2012/XXXIII
Sir X. Pol Briga 12 February 2011/XXXII 16 November 2011/XXXII
Glüc da Dhi 1 August 2009/XXX 12 February 2011/XXXII
Owen Edwards 12 February 2008/XXIX 1 August 2009/XXX
Ian da Bitour 14 September 2006/XXVII 12 February 2008/XXIX
Nikü Spyropoulos (TBD) 14 September 2006/XXVII