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Talossan League of Centrists/ Talossa's Lone Contractor
Leader: Éovart Grischun

Beliefs: Centre, Independent

The TLC was a political party and then later a political brand created by Éovart Grischun.

The acronym, TLC, was chosen due to it being a common acronym in English for the phrase ‘Tender Loving Care’. It is from this that the slogan "Give Talossa some passionate TLC", as used in TLC political broadcasts, was coined.

The TLC existed as two separate political entities.

Firstly, The Talossan League of Centrists was a short lived party during 2009. It came into being when Grischun resigned from the RUMP. This version of the TLC folded when Grischun joined the FGP.

Secondly, Talossa's Lone Contractor was a political brand, akin to a marketing brand, and was used by Grischun as an independent lobbyist in 2010.