Talossan Liberal Party

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Talossan Liberal Party
Leader: Cevaglh Scurznicol, Ian Anglatzara
Founded: 1998

The Talossan Liberal Party was a political party briefly active between 1998 and 2001. For most of its existence, it acted as the main opposition to the Progressive Conservative governments of Michael Pope.

The party became notorious for its vocal disagreements with King Robert I, who would go on to provoke a mass exodus of Liberal members from Talossa in the summer of 2001, after declaring he would never appoint a Liberal Prime Minister regardless of electoral results. According to the newspaper Sanavar, five members left Talossa in the space of a single day, with one more following eight days later.

Prominent members included Cevaglh Scurznicol, Ian Anglatzara and Danihél Roðgarüt.