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King John giving the Zog salute at Taco Bell (Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, 19 April 2008)

Taco Bell is the National Cuisine of the Kingdom of Talossa, per Talossan Statutory law 16RC1 (The National Cuisine Act). Technically, by law, the national cuisine is specified only to be "more or less the same as Taco Bell food", and by the 25th Cosa, Taco Bell had been further termed as the "official ethnic cuisine" of the Kingdom.

Taco Bell was chosen for this honour by virtue of being the first restaurant in the Greater Talossan Area to offer self-serve drink refills. In the early days of the Kingdom, this fact led to the site being oft-frequented for long sessions of Talossan discussion. As stated in the National Cuisine Act, "no other eatery can conceivably compete with Taco Bell for the sheer amount of Talossanity spewed forth within its walls".

According to Talossan statute 25RZ9, The Emergency Ersatz Taco Bell Empowerment Act, Z-Teca (later renamed Qdoba) is recognised as an "Honorary Taco Bell" and emergency substitute for the national cuisine. This honour was given by the Ziu to recognise the fact that "no fully functional (i.e., all-you-can-drink-soda equipped)" Taco Bell then existed within the Kingdom. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, as the Taco Bell in the Student Union of the University of Talossa in Atatürk Province now supplies the nation's culinary needs.