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A user who is a Bureaucrat has a few specific, major powers to help manage the wiki's other users. Most importantly, they are able to approve new Citizens and Administrators.

Bureaucrat Guide

This brief guide outlines the responsibilities of Bureaucrats on the wiki, and details the way their powers should be used. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Manager.

User rights management

If you are contacted by a citizen who has created a new account, you have the power to add that new account to the "Citizens" usergroup by using the User Rights Management interface. This will allow the citizen to edit the wiki. You should only take this action if you are very confident that the account is actually owned by a citizen (ideally, based on a Wittenberg PM). If you see someone create a new account, then the best first step is the welcome template ({{welcome}}) on their talk page.

A Citizen who does a lot of editing may also need to be promoted to an Administrator, which will give them the power to make complicated technical changes.

Crowd control

Bureaucrats can block or rename other users. All blocks or renamings are logged, and all blocks (without exception) should be reported to a Manager or the Minister of Stuff, along with an explanation. This ability is a power of last resort, and should never be used vindictively, in jest, or to resolve an editing dispute. It is solely to prevent vandalism of pages.

Also available to Bureaucrats is the ability to hide revisions of a page, so that they are not visible to the public. This should only be done for serious legal or ethical reasons. Report any hidden revision actions to a Manager or the Minister of Stuff.