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The Talossan Émigré Community was the name of a Talossan group led by former king Robert I, following his renunciation of citizenship and the Great Abdication. It lasted from 11 Aug 2007/XXVIII to 4 Jul 2011/XXXII.

Initially, Robert I appeared to have considered the Kingdom of Talossa to have persisted beyond his departure, though he no longer considered it to have the spirit of the "real" Talossa. Accordingly, the Talossan Émigré Community appears to have begun as a social gathering rather than the inception of a new micronation. Over the course of 2005/XXVI and early 2007/XXVIII, Robert I met with and chatted with those longtime citizens who had also departed the country. Eventually, Robert I declared that the Kingdom of Talossa was illegitimate, a claim founded on his belief that Erni v Talossa had been wrongly decided.

Accordingly, discussions among the Community on their web forum, Støtanneu (named for the long-running publication),[1] soon turned to questions of how to establish themselves once again as a Talossan nation. This soon yielded the Vuode Palace Statement, a document which asserted that the nation's system had broken down and should now be considered in a "state of new beginnings."

Pursuant to this declaration, fourteen former citizens of Talossa soon met and endorsed a new supreme document for Talossa drafted by Robert I, called the Constituziun. It was intended to supplement and, in some ways, supplant the Organic Law. This 2007 Constituziun provided that all signatories would hold absolute veto power over any state action, ensuring ironclad control among those people Robert I stated he thought he could trust. He had departed Talossa out of anger at his belief that the Republic of Talossa was stirring insurrection and that the CLP had a long list of secret members, and so his ability to repose absolute political power only in a trusted few was central to the Community's make-up.

The Community declared King Louis to be their sovereign, under the regency of Amy Durnford, and began appointing Organic officials. The first election in April of 2008/XXIX gave a large majority to the re-formed Manus Nigrum of Robert I, who became Prime Minister and ruled by unchallenged decree. Much of the limited activity of the Community was centered around asserting its sole legitimacy as the only Talossan state; the text of the new loyalty oath, for example, was dominated by this concern (see below).

The Community held one general election, in August of 2009/XXX. The results returned an even larger MN majority.[2] Robert I remained the first and last Prime Minister of the group, until it voted to dissolve on 4 Jul 2011/XXXII.


Text of the Vuode Palace Statement

Following more than a year of quiescence and quiet discussions, Robert I released the following declaration on 11 Aug, 2007/XXVIII:

"We recognize that due to the collapse of constitutional courts and of law enforcement methods in Talossa, the legal, constitutional order under the Organic Law of 1997 has broken down. As a result, we must return to first principles and hold that Talossa exists largely as it did at its founding in 1979, in a state of new beginnings. We ask the people of Talossa to be patient with us as we explore our identity and legal status, and we call upon all Talossans to join us in that quest."


Xheralt Conâ
Geoff Tomasüt
R. Ben Donatüs [Madison]

Márcüs Cantaloûr

Text of the Constituziun

ARTICLE I. Declaration of the Re-Establishment of Talossa.
(1) We, the undersigned, having felt the absence of the Talossan state, and feeling this to be an unbearable situation, do hereby reassert the rights of our ancient Royal Family and declare the re-establishment of the Talossan nation. We declare that said nation hereafter shall be referred to as the Kingdom of Talossa.
(2) In furtherance of this goal, we, the undersigned Talossan people, do hereby establish this Constituziun.
(3) The Kingdom of Talossa operates for purposes of United States law as Talossa, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Wisconsin (Entity ID T038581). The name “Talossa” is a registered trademark (U.S. Registration 2955054), and exists to provide entertainment services, namely, providing historical, cultural and political information about an organization in the nature of a fictional nation, in class 41 (U.S. Cls. 100, 101 and 107). Any unauthorized use of the name is a violation of United States and international law.

ARTICLE II. Declaration of Rights.
(1) Liberum Veto. We, the undersigned, hereafter referred to as the Founders [insert list here], allocate to ourselves, in defence of the realm and on behalf of the Talossan people, the power of the grült impidamáintsch (liberum veto).
(2) Use of the liberum veto shall have occurred when a Founder publicly states in writing (either actual or in electronic form) "I object and exercise my liberum veto." [grült impidamáintsch]
(3) Powers of the liberum veto are vested individually and unilaterally in each Founder.
(4) The liberum veto is an absolute nullifier of all actions taken subsequent to Article II, but may never be used to nullify Articles I and II. Neither Article I nor Article II may ever be nullified nor amended in any way, shape or form.

Citizenship Oath for the Community
I, N..., solemnly swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Kingdom of Talossa, to His Majesty N..., King of Talossa, and to His Heirs and Successors according to the Organic Law, and that the true and faithful allegiance, upon which my citizenship rests, consists of the following promises.

I acknowledge that the lawful heritage of Talossa rests with its creator, Ben Madison, and his family and friends, who developed and sustained the Kingdom since 1979 and lawfully hold its archives, copyrights, trademark, and corporate registration.

I accept, in the deepest places of my heart and on the loftiest peaks of my spirit, that the Kingdom of Talossa exists to provide all its people with a welcoming community, a sense of patriotic pride, and above all, clean and honest fun. I affirm that I take no part in, nor do I find “fun” in any way, lying, cheating or stealing in order to “beat my enemies” or “win the game.” [find ‘or, yes, as nationbuilding’ statement]

I proudly and happily accept constitutional monarchy as the best form of government for Talossa, and shall defer when appropriate to the Royal Family.

I proudly rejoice in el glheþ Talossán and in Talossa’s ancient Berber culture, prehistory, and mythology.

I am entitled as a Talossan to use and be known by a Talossan-language name if I should choose, so long as I remain a loyal Talossan citizen.

I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any micronation of which I have heretofore been a subject, citizen, or participant, whether claiming to be ‘Talossan’ or not, and shall not communicate with such except as an accredited and publicly accountable diplomat under Talossan law.

I swear that if approached by such people, on the subject of Talossa, I shall refer their correspondence to the appropriate diplomatic offices and reply to them with the words: “We do not talk about that with you people.”

I recognize no other entity or group as Talossa, and share in its brilliant heritage only so long as I am a law-abiding Talossan citizen. Politics stops at the water’s edge, and I shall never support nor take the side of traitors and aliens who have quit and attack Talossa from outside. I shall never regard these outside groups as my friends and allies against loyal Talossans. And should any member of these outside groups commit any hostile word or deed against Talossa, I will hold these groups collectively responsible for such conduct should it go unpunished.

In debate I will raise my voice solely on behalf of the Kingdom of Talossa and allow others to do so freely; when Talossa is attacked by aliens or traitors abroad, I shall not advocate for their positions, causes or claims.

I will support and defend the Constituziun of 2007, the Organic Law, and all other laws of the Kingdom of Talossa against all enemies, foreign and domestic; I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and I will promote all that will advance the Kingdom and oppose all that may harm the Kingdom.

I shall never accuse any Talossan of any crime, corruption or illegal conduct, unless I am prepared to back up my claims in a court of law. I shall accept the legitimacy of lawful election results. I am proudly a snitch, and if I see or suspect crime, I will report it to the proper authorities.

I approach Talossa in a spirit of “one for all, and all for one.” I am a Talossan, and though we may have different roles to play under the Constituziun and Organic Law, all Talossans are equal under the law, and in my eyes as well. I shall never denounce or demean any group of Talossans as unworthy or inferior, and I shall never discriminate against any Talossan. Every Talossan is just as much a Talossan as I am, and they are my equals and my brothers and sisters whether part-time or full-time, old or new, politically active or apathetic, online or offline, straight, Gay, or whatever, “pocket votes” or politicians, Founder or follower.

I shall not fixate on any individual or law-abiding group as the source of Talossa’s problems, except those that violate their Oath. Neither shall I judge nor attack my fellow-Talossans, nor Talossa itself, on the basis of how “pro-American” or “anti-American” they are.

I will never use nor threaten violence, including any sort of web attack, against any Talossan citizen. I will not engage in “dirty tricks.” I have never been involved with any crime (including theft, trademark/copyright violation, or other intellectual property crimes) or violent activity that might influence how I behave in Talossa.

I will never deny any Talossan the right of free speech or self-expression consistent with his Oath. I will never recruit outsiders for the primary purpose of joining a political party. If I have ever owned, do own, or ever shall own any Talossa-themed domain names, websites, or graphics, I shall surrender these upon demand to the duly constituted Talossan authorities; and Talossans are free to use these if I should cease to be a Talossan.

Respectful of my elders, I will never seek to expel, remove or replace those who were Talossans before me. My approach to Talossa will be positive, productive, and constructive for the people who were here before me, and who rightly judge my conduct. I will not be angry, jealous, or dishonest towards my fellow Talossans.

I take this Oath freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, knowing that if I violate this Oath, I will suffer my Talossan citizenship and all my rights to be stripped from me, and scattered to the four winds.

This I swear! (¡Acest xhuréu!)

[So help me God.]

[Supplementary Oath for Returning Traitors:

I hereby acknowledge that my former affiliation illegally used the word “Talossa” with no historic justification or legal permission, and that in returning to the true Talossa I denounce and renounce such criminal activity. I am joining the one lawful and legitimate Talossa, and will oppose all groups and individuals which unlawfully and without right usurp our own unique sacred, historic, and trademarked name, copyrighted works, and domain names for their own nefarious and sleazy purposes.]