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The Talossan Observer, stylised as tO, was a news outlet published by Lüc da Schir. Various people also submitted news to the website and to the PDF issues (dubbed the Sunday Observer).

Da Schir conceived the Observer early in his immigration process as a way to introduce himself to the citizenry; while da Schir admits the beginnings were marred by a lot of silliness and broken English, the Observer eventually developed into an award winning outlet, with its analysis on the January 2014 General Elections, and attracted numerous writers and people who helped in various other ways, such as gifting a proper domain name for the website.

Throughout its activity, the Talossan Observer mantained a Facebook page and a Twitter handle, with roughly a hundred of combined following, and a website which at the time was the most visited non-governmental website of the Talossan webspace. The outlet stayed active for roughly two years, before fading into inactivity in mid-2014 after da Schir accepted a Cabinet post.

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