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Current Head: (Vacant)
Function: {{{func}}}


This template is for government cabinet offices and offices of the Royal Household. To use it, copy and paste the following code to the top of the page, substituting in the necessary variables where indicated.

|name=Ministry or office's name
|logo=The title of an uploaded image of the office's official logo here.  If none, use t-blank.gif
|boss=The name of the current office holder.  If unfilled, leave this blank.
|dep=The title for subordinates of the office (deputies, heralds, etc).  If none, leave this blank.
|depn=The names of subordinates, if any.
|func=Write a brief description of the function of this office.  For the College of Arms, for example, you might write "To administer and advise the citizens and the King about heraldry."
|img=Put image here
|cat=The category of office goes here.  If the page is about a Royal Household office, put "Royal."  If it is a Government office, put "Government."  The latter is the default.
|image=Picture of officeholder