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Part of the:
(Head Ministry)
Current Head: (Vacant)
Function: {{{func}}}


This template is for offices and bureaus that are under the control or a subset of another Ministry or office of a Royal Household. To use it, copy and paste the following code to the top of the page, substituting in the necessary variables where indicated.

|name=Ministry or office's name
|logo=The title of an uploaded image of the office's official logo here.  If none, use t-blank.gif
|min=The Ministry that the sub-office is under.
|boss=The name of the current office holder.  If unfilled, leave this blank.
|dep=The title for subordinates of the office (deputies, heralds, etc).  If none, leave this blank.
|depn=The names of subordinates, if any.
|func=Write a brief description of the function of this office.  For the College of Arms, for example, you might write "To administer and advise the citizens and the King about heraldry."
|cat=The category of office goes here.  If the page is about a Royal Household office, put "Royal."  If it is a Government office, put "Government."  The latter is the default.