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The Compact was an agreement authored and put forward by Michael Pope in May, 2004, and signed by the founding members of the Republic of Talossa.

At the time Pope put forward the Compact, the group which eventually seceded were trying to come to decisions regarding what a post-secession Republic would look like. Questions about fundamental issues, including the form of government and even the name of the new nationette, were bogging the group down in procedural issues and preventing them from taking concrete action. The Compact was intended to spur action by forging a general agreement to move ahead.

The Compact included an agreement that all signors would secede and form a new nationette together, and that they would all agree to abide by majority rule regarding the composition and makeup of the new form of government. Included in the Compact was a statement that all signatories knew that, in signing, they were committing the crime of high treason against King Robert I.

The Compact was well-received and signed by all of the original founding members of the Republic. After signing, a timetable for action was formed, leading to the secession on 1 June 2004.

Text of the Compact

WHEREAS, we all feel in our hearts that we are Talossans, and

WHEREAS, we are unable to function in the fetid cesspool that the King has turned the Kingdom of Talossa into, and

WHEREAS, without a convincing alternative, most of us will likely make individual decisions to quit Talossa and go our seperate ways, and

WHEREAS, such an outcome would complete the destruction of the sense of community we share, as well as leave voids in our lives,

THEREFORE, we, the undersigned, agree to join together to form our own nationette, one without the hate and vitriol that currently infests the King and Kingdom of Talossa, subject to the following terms and provisions.

1. We agree upon signing the Compact that we will, at or near the appointed time, renounce our citizenships in the Regipats Talossan.

2. We agree upon signing the Compact that we will take up citizenship in our new nationette.

3. We agree that the new nation will be officially launched as soon as the infrastructural details are established. At the minimum, this will be a message board that will be open to our citizens.

4. We agree that we will work out the details of our new nationette on that message board in a manner to be determined by ourselves.

5. We agree that, as Talossan citizens of long standing, we have a share in the proprietary intellectual properties of the Kingdom of Talossa. This means that

a.) We reserve the right to base our structure of government as closely on the institutions of Talossa as we deem appropriate,

b.) We reserve the right to use as much of the existing body of Talossan law, legal tradition and legal precedent as we deem appropriate,

c.) We reserve the right to use any terms from Talossa that we deem appropriate, including but not limited to such terms as Wittenberg, Clark, Cosa, Senats, and Uppermost Cort,

d.) We reserve the right to maintain control over Talossan intellectual property owned by our citizens, to include any internet domains (such as or, and to include the Schmarchives,

e.) We reserve the right to set any territorial claim we deem appropriate, regardless of whether or not they conflict with or overlap those of the Kingdom of Talossa.

6. We agree that we will extend the opportunity for citizenship to other Talossans who have left in disgust over the behavior of the King of Talossa.

IN SIGNING THIS COMPACT, we are fully aware that we are committing a conscious act of High Treason against the King of Talossa, and we do so willingly and with lightness of heart, secure in the knowledge that we are not abandoning our King and Country - but that our King and Country have abandoned us.