Tony Weckström

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Tony Weckström, alias "Lord Anthony Edward Croft," alias "Edward Croft," alias "Erin Rosé," was a Talossan citizen. He served as the nominal Ambassador to Finland during his time in Talossa, and founded and led (and was the sole voter for) the DPD during the 38th, 39th, and 40th Cosas after a failed run for Senäts in Vuode.

Weckström was suspected to be the founder of at least two other micronations, the "Republic of New Texas" (alias "Catholic Principality of New Texas") and the "Mirage Islands" (alias "Sage Islands"), as well as the fictional British company "Croftco." At various times, he assumed one of these other names and then claimed on Wittenberg to have received diplomatic inquiries from these entities. Following these revelations, Weckström departed Talossa. He is still remembered for his bombastic posting style and an inability to remember the initials of his own party.