Treaty of Shorewood

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The Treaty of Shorewood, also called the Treaty of Milwaukee, was a 20 Apr 1982/III agreement between King Robert I, Robert Ben Madison, and Antonio R. Riley, a fellow Riverside High student who had been recognized by the nation as the official United States Ambassador to Talossa. The Treaty formalized the annexations of the Cheap Glory Act of the previous month, ceding "Kemâl Atatürk State" (a small area of modern Atatürk, at the time encompassing only a stretch of beach known as Bare Ass Beach), "Enver Hoxha State" (Downer Woods, now part of Vuode, and the province of Vuode, which only included the Madison residence. The Treaty further ceded additional territory:

  • Riverside High was handed over, to become the core of a new province of Mussolini
  • The expansive Lake Park was annexed, to be later declared Férénca Szálasi State by the Edgewood Proclamation
  • An additional small strip of beach adjacent to Kemâl Atatürk State was also ceded, extending Talossa's claims to the Mar Talossan.

The Treaty also recognized the Talossan claim to Péngöpäts Antarctic Territory.

Perhaps even more important than the territorial claims were the additional terms of the Treaty, which established that the armed forces of the United States would continue to defend Talossa as a gesture of friendship, and that the United States recognized Talossa as a "free, independent, sovereign, intermittently quasi-democratic Constitutional Monarchy."

The validity of these terms, and the rest of the five-section Treaty, is a subject of some dispute. Official ambassadors, after all, must be appointed by their own governments, not merely the foreign government. Such disputes have been easily defeated, however, by the fact that they are boring.