Txosuè Rôibeardescù

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Txosuè Rôibeardescù

Province: Cézembre
Citizenship Date: February 21, 2014
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Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù is a resident of the province of Cézembre. He became a Talossan citizen on 21 February, 2014/XXXV. His TALOSSAssistant was Adam da Simeon.

Rôibeardescù's Coat of Arms,Tierced per pale raguly azure and Or a pallet gules between two mullets or, was granted at Berber Spring Honours, 20 April 2014/XXXV.

On 1 June 2014/XXXV[1] Rôibeardescù announced his interest in starting a radio station in Talossa. Joined by partners Sevastáin Pinátsch and Lüc da Schir, this became RT Radio, and began broadcasting on 7 June 2014/XXXV.

He briefly served as Civil Service Commissioner in 2015 until stepping down for allegedly offering to TSP MC Gaglhen Fortaleça an appointment as head of the Space Esploration Bureau in exchange for killing an amendment. Despite serving as Senator for Cézembre, he was not censured, and despite promising to hold a public poll on his fate, he deleted it. He eventually struck out by not voting, but no replacement was appointed as no Clarks were left before the next General Election.

He was also member of the Liberal Congress until falling out with the party over the ZRT merger,{1} after having been censured by the Free Democratic leadership over the BEER affair. He then served the remainder of his Senatorial term as an independent, joining the RUMP afterwards and registering his own party, HAT, to come back to the Ziu in the 51st Cosa. Served as Tuischac'h for the 55th cosa, hosting the first public broadcasting of the opening ceremony to the cosa chamber. around this time he joined the LCC party. in April of 2021 he was promoted to party leader of the LCC.

Preceded by
Glüc da Dhi
Senator for Cézembre
48th Cosa - 48th Cosa
Succeeded by
Ian Anglatzara
Preceded by
office created
Civil Service Commissioner
1 Apr 2015/XXXVI - 26 Jul 2015/XXXVI
Succeeded by
Txoteu Davinescu