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The Başbakan (Turkish, noun, Prime Minister, Premier, Chancellor) is a Member of the Atatürk provincial House of Commons who is designated as the Speaker of the Chamber and Executive of Atatürk.

Established by Article II of the Constitution of Atatürk, the position of Başbakan is elected by a majority vote and the Başbakan serves for the duration of a Cosa, unless removed by a two-thirds vote of the House of Commons. The Başbakan coordinates the business of the House, maintains order[1], and may dictate points of order and rules of conduct with the chamber.

The Başbakan calls the House of Commons to on an "as-needed" basis. If the House has not assembled for business for a period of 6 months, the Başbakan will call for a general meeting of the House of Commons to allow for the introduction of any new business and to discuss the overall state of affairs in the Province.

Any member of the House may, at any time, present proposed measures ("Bills") to the Başbakan within the House chambers. The Başbakan then issues a "Summons to Vote" to the House of Commons by posting a clearly-marked thread on Wittenberg, or in a prominent place on the streets of Atatürk. The Başbakan may hold a Bill for up to 14 days before issuing a Summons should he/she feel that more discussion is required to bring the proposal into a suitable condition for a vote, or to allow for two or more proposals to be presented for vote at one time.

Upon calling for a vote, the Başbakan will make a reasonable effort to assure that every member of the House of Commons is given suitable opportunity to cast their vote. All votes will be public, and voting will be closed at the end of the 14th day following the call to vote. Votes may be cast by posting in the thread of a "Summons to Vote," and by any other methods deemed suitable by the Başbakan.

The Başbakan may call for a provincial vote on a referendum at any time during the term of a Cosa. If a vote has not been conducted prior to the General Election, the Başbakan shall make every reasonable effort to contact all Atatürkeys and inform them of the additional referendum vote.


  1. The Başbakan is entitled to use the Provincial Gong to keep order in debates, and may also wield the Ceremonial Mace of Atatürk.