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Broosking is the act of recruiting a prospective citizen of Talossa into a particular political party. It is widely regarded as unethical, though it is not illegal. To speak to a prospective citizen about Talossan politics before he or she is granted citizenship, especially in a way that would tend to colour the prospective citizen's opinion about one party or another, is considered to be broosking and is strongly frowned-upon.

The term "Broosking" has as its origin a typographical error made by Alexandreu Davinescu when documenting the practice:

Some may question my seemingly arbitrary choice of terminologies. When first writing this bill, I chose a name from history to represent the illegal act of pre-citizenship recruitment in an effort to ease discussion: the public beating of Senator Charles Sumner by Senator Preston Brooks on the floor of the United States Senate in 1856. Pre-citizenship recruitment is as belabouring and dangerous to democracy as a caning in a house of legislature, so it seemed appropriate. But during drafting, my staff remarked that she kept wanting to type "broosking" instead of "brooksing." So "broosking" it became.[1]