Dan Wardlow

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Dan Wardlow (Danihél Viac'taldâ) was a citizen of Talossa. He was the 22nd Seneschal of the Kingdom of Talossa, serving a period of six weeks in early 1998.

During his brief service as Prime Minister, Wardlow attempted to broker an understanding between the Kingdom and the breakaway micronation of Penguinea, in which a number of Wardlow's friends were involved, but his efforts were rebuffed by the King. Realizing there could be no peace, Wardlow initially quit his party, the Progressive Conservatives, to form the PFPT, or Peace and Freedom Party; then renounced his Talossan citizenship and joined Penguinea.

His Distain, Charles Sauls, refused to be sworn into office as Prime Minister to succeed Wardlow, and likewise determined to renounce his citizenship after completing the handling of the General Election (Sauls was also Secretary of State).


Preceded by
Dale Morris
19 January 1998/XIX - 13 March 1998/XIX
Succeeded by
Tamorán dal Navâ