Robert II

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Robert II

Robert II (Robert Charles Dobberpuhl, b. 1965, d. 1993) was King of Talossa from 10 February until 29 March 1987/VIII.

Dobberpuhl became a Talossan citizen on 5 December 1986/VII, and found Talossa to be in the throes of a wave of anti-monarchical sentiment. With the People United for No King on the rise, the reigning King, Robert I saw Dobberpuhl as a moderating influence and in an effort to save the monarchy, abdicated in Dobberpuhl's favour on 10 February 1987.

The move, however, failed to satisfy the anti-monarchists who gained control of the government in the impending election, and on 29 March, after less than seven weeks on the throne, the government declared the "legislative decapitation" of Robert II, forcing him to abdicate. The nation, now without a King, was redubbed "The Peculiar Republic of Talossa" during the ensuing interregnum.

Disappointed by his swift rise and fall, Dobberpuhl renounced his Talossan citizenship only six days after being removed from the throne, on 4 April 1987/VIII, and resumed his non-Talossan life. He died some years later, in 1993/XIV.[1]

As a noun

Because so few citizens ever met Robert II, there was some suspicion that he was an invented character, used by his royal predecessor for malevolent purposes. The name "dobberpuhl" has since become a term used to describe a fictional citizen, created by another Talossan.


Preceded by
Robert I
King of Talossa
February 10th, 1987/VIII - March 29th, 1987/VIII
Succeeded by
Interregnum (1987)