Zefençadéirs del Päts Talossan (Ventrutx)

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Zefençadéirs del Päts Talossán
Leader: Ieremiac'h Ventrutx
Founded: 2009, 2019 (refounded)
Beliefs: Monarchist, traditionalist, anti-Republic

The Zefençadéirs del Päts Talossán (Defenders of the Talossan Land), the first Cybercit party, were refounded in 2009 by former party member and former RUMP Prime Minister Ieremiac'h Ventrutx.

Ventrutx had been involved in the 2004 secession that created the Republic, but had then returned to the Kingdom in 2008. After his spell as Seneschal, he contested the elections to the 40th Cosa winning 19 seats. Following that term, the party was deregistered, and Ventrutx returned to the RUMP, except for a spell in the Patriotic Coalition in the 47th Cosa.

Ventrutx revived the ZPT for a second time in 2019, following his return to the Ziu as Senator for Florencia.