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43RZ26 — The Umpteen-and-One is Too Many Act

WHEREAS earlier in this Cosa, the passage of 43RZ10, The Umpteenth Immigration Reform (Amending) Act, empowered the Seneschal to petition the Crown for immediate grants of citizenship into any specific province, as exceptions to the normal immigration process, and

WHEREAS the reason this legislation was passed was to accommodate the special needs of Reunision, and

WHEREAS those special needs are happily no longer extant, and

WHEREAS this Ziu sees no reason why the power to exempt persons from the normal immigration process should be extended, and

WHEREAS His Majesty's Government — having vowed only to employ this legislatively-granted power for the purposes of Reunision, and now having done so — also concurs that the exceptional power should not remain in law, now

THEREFORE the Ziu of the Kingdom of Talossa hereby repeals 43RZ10, restoring 35RZ22, The Umpteenth Immigration Reform Act, to its earlier form, by the removal of Section 10.

Uréu q'estadra sa,

Ma Baron Tepistà (MC, RUMP), Distain, representing His Majesty's Government

El Regeu en volt.

— John R

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