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! colspan=2|Party !! Beliefs
! colspan=2|Party !! Beliefs
| bgcolor="#FFCC00" |   || [[AMP|Awakening and Magnifying Passion]] ||  
| bgcolor="#FFCC00" |   || [[AMP|Awakening and Magnifying Passion]] || Pragmatism, monarchism, reformism
| bgcolor="#FF3300" |   || [[Free Democrats of Talossa]] || Progressivism, liberalism, republicanism
| bgcolor="#FF3300" |   || [[Free Democrats of Talossa]] || Progressivism, liberalism, republicanism

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The next General Election will be held from approximately November 15th to December 1st 2019/XL. All of the Cosa will be up for reelections, plus regularly scheduled Senate elections in Florencia, Maricopa and Fiova, and any special elections that may be necessary.

If the merger between Fiovâ and Florencia is successful, however, the Senate seat for Iarneria (the name of the merged province) is expected to be up for election instead, while the election for the seat of Maritiimi-Maxhestic would be moved up the order, to respect the Organic provision that three seats should be up for a full term at each General Election.

The lone amendment that is expected to be voted on is the Still Into This Amendment, which implements the so-called 2017 Organic Law proposal.

Registered parties

Five national political parties either registered for the election, have announced they would do so, or are otherwise expected to:

Party Beliefs
  Awakening and Magnifying Passion Pragmatism, monarchism, reformism
  Free Democrats of Talossa Progressivism, liberalism, republicanism
  Make Talossa Great Again (MTGA) Populism, republicanism
  Recruits for Upholding the Monarchy and its Principles (RUMP) Monarchism, conservativism, derivativism
  Zefençadéirs del Päts Talossan Monarchism, conservativism, traditionalism

Two "old" parties are slated to return: the ZPT, a party that was most known in its 1998-2005 iteration, but will be revived for a second time by Ieremiac'h Ventrutx; and MTGA, whose only member Mximo Carbonel had sat out the 53rd Cosa. Moderate Radicals Arise will not run again; this will likely spell the end of Erschéveþ da Schir's stay in the Cosa, which had lasted since the 48th Cosa, the second longest tenured MC behind the RUMP's Eovart Xhorxh.

The Free Democrats need a swing of 12 seats to win a majority; no party has managed to do so since 2013. RUMP and AMP need to gain 53 and 61 respectively; no such swing has ever been achieved under EM200, the biggest (positive) swings being the RUMP's +43 in the 36th Cosa; the MRPT's +42 in the 50th Cosa; the RUMP's +41 in the 37th Cosa and the FreeDems's +41 in the 53rd Cosa.