2013/E2 El Colétx Fiôván dels Armeux (Fiova)

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Executive Order

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2013 College of Arms v. Fiova (UC)

Issued by: FiovagovH.png
Cunstavál: Istefan Perþonest
Capitán: Carlüs Xheraltescu
Date: 22 January 2013/XXXIV [{{{source}}}]

Fiôvâ Provincial Chancery

WHEREAS the art of heraldry enhances the cultural life and prestige of Talossa, and WHEREAS the current Kingdom College of Arms is mired in dissension whether those who refuse to swear allegiance to the monarchy are entitled to arms granted by that monarchy, and WHEREAS we believe that the republican-minded Talossan people should not be excluded from the heraldic tradition, and WHEREAS the granting of new coats of arms and crests should be encouraged and a simple procedure to obtain new arms should be created, now THEREFORE

  1. the Free Province of Fiovă hereby establishes the Fiovan College of Arms (in the national language: el Colétx Fiôván dels Armeux) with the following mandate:
    1. Granting new arms and crests to individuals, organizations, and government departments that make a request to the College, whether Fiovan or from other Talossan provinces;
    2. The fostering of a republican tradition of heraldry in Talossan.
  2. The College of Arms shall create and maintain flags and coats of arms and achievements granted by the Free Province of Fiovă (by law or by Executive Order), to advise and support the Cunstavál in the awarding of all such arms and all titles of honour and nobility, to advise the citizens regarding heraldic issues, and to govern the armorial practice and regulations of Fiovă.
  3. The College of Arms shall be governed by a person designated as Four-Star Magistrate of Arms. The Magistrate shall be appointed by the Capitán. The Four-Star Magistrate of Arms shall be free to select other individuals to assist in his or her work.
Pictogram judicial.png

Therefore, I hereby enjoin the Fiovan College of Arms from the design, award or registration of any arms, crest or other heraldic device to any individual, this being the exclusive domain of the Royal College of Arms. The Fiovan College of Arms may continue to design and award crests for provincial government or private institutions, though no other province will be required to recognize said crests until they are registered with the Royal College of Arms. (2013 College of Arms v. Fiova (UC))