2014/L8 Amendment to the Fiôván Elections and Referendum Law (Fiova)

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Sponsored by: Üc Tärfâ

Approved by:
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Date: 28 January 2014/XXXV

It amends the following:

Fiôvâ Provincial Chancery
  1. REMOVE Title II, Section 2.8.
  2. ADD:
    TITLE VI: Challenging the result of the Election
    1. A citizen may petition the Landsdoom to challenge the validity of the election, of any vote cast or the conduction of the election if he feels that his rights under the Constitution and law of Fiôvâ have been violated. Such a petition shall be filled within thirty (30) calendar day from the ending of the election
    2. The Landsdoom may either dismiss the case, by declining to hear it, or begin hearing arguments in the matter as presented by all relevant parties.
    3. The Landsdoom shall rule on the case within twenty (20) calendar days from the reception of the petition. Should this time elapse and no decision be rendered as to whether the Landsdoom will hear the matter brought before it, an unwillingness to hear the case is implied.
      1. The Landsdoom may issue an injuction to restrain the Secretary of State to certify the result of the election until the ruling.
    4. Should the Landsdoom rule in favour of the plaintiff, it may rule either that:
      1. there be a recount of the ballots by a person or persons independent of the Office of the Secretary of State, and that the result of this recount shall be certified as the official result of the election;
      2. the final vote tally shall be adjusted to disregard an invalid vote, include a wrongly discarded vote or include a new vote;
      3. the election be declared void and a new election held under the procedures outlined in this Act.
    5. The decision of the Landsdoom may be appealed to the Uppermost Cort.