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Sir Cresti Siervicül, UrN (Christian Butler) is a citizen of Talossa and the former Seneschal of the Kingdom of Talossa.

Attracted first to Talossa by its language, Siervicül spent nine years "lurking" before becoming Talossan on 13 August 2005, three days before the abdication of Robert I.

One of three co-founders of the RUMP political party, he joined the CUG to help resurrect the work on the language.

He served in the Cosa until being appointed to the Uppermost Court, and served as Puisne Justice until 2012. He returned to the Cosa for its 44th session.

Personal Life

A resident (with his non-Talossan wife and their young dandelion Iac'hdon) of the Washington, DC area, Siervicül is an attorney by profession.


Preceded by
Duke Ian von Metairia
7th Senior Justice of the Uppermost Court
Late 2009/XXX - 31 May 2012/XXXIII
Succeeded by
Sir Tamorán dal Navâ, UrN
Preceded by
Carlüs Xheraltescù
28 Mar 2016/XXXVII - 1 Jan 2017/XXXVIII
Succeeded by
Lüc da Schir
Preceded by
Constable for Cézembre
13 July 2011 - Present
Succeeded by
Member of Cosa 35th  44th  46th  

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