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Civic Outreach for Fun and Enjoyable Events
Leader: Bråneu Excelsio
Founded: 25 May 2024
Beliefs: Peculiar Idealist, Centrism, Coffee.

The Civic Outreach for Fun and Enjoyable Events (COFFEE) is a party founded in May 25th, 2024 by Bråneu Excelsio before the 60th Cosa election.

It is a solo-party because as its founder declares, "he missed that step in his Talossan life".


Talossa is a unique and inspiring concept, one of the best ideas anyone's ever had. We aim to create a perfect third place. Our goal is to improve the Kingdom and positively impact the world and our citizens' lives. Talossa is a love letter to humanity, fraternity and the positive power of politics.

Party Platform

1. Cross-party governments.

We believe in cross-party government, where collaboration across political lines is essential. This policy reduces partisan conflicts and provides long-lasting solutions for the Kingdom. This way, the best people can do the job, no matter which party is in charge this season. We demand every Seneschal to have at least one Ministry under the tenure of an opposition's MC.

2. Micronationalism

Talossa has a rich history that deserves the utmost respect. We must have a representative at every MicroCon to affirm our prominent status. We must establish a taskforce dedicated to building relations with the most prosperous and influential micronations.

Additionally, we will introduce a Talossan Chess Champion to participate in friendly competitions with champions from other Talossan-recognized micronations, fostering camaraderie and intellectual engagement.

3. The King

The King is the embodiment of Talossan values. The party believes that the King should inspire citizens and act in a manner that reflects Talossa's ideals. If the King fails to do so, he should be challenged to prevent harm to the Kingdom.

4. Cafè talossan.

The Talossan Way of drinking coffee is as follows:

  1. Make the most complicated cup of coffee you can, manual methods prefered.
  2. Sit in a quiet place and sip your coffee from hot to warm.
  3. Reflect on how great Talossa is and how you can improve our Kingdom.
  4. Send a message to another Talossan about Talossa or about your personal relation with that person and end with, "That was me, drinking my Talossan coffee of this month."
  5. Repeat next month.

Party Member

Province Member Current offices Joined Notes
#1 FV Bråneu Excelsio Fiovan Secretary of State May 2024 Founder

Election Results

General Election # of Votes Percentage Seats won Notes
July 2024 General Election 8 10.00%
20 / 200
In government.