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Bråneu Excelsio (Bruno Valdez) was a citizen of the Province of Fiova. Excelsio became a Talossan citizen on July 12th, 2022. He renounced his citizenship in January 6th, 2024.

Bråneu Excelsio in his favorite coffee shop.

He was Secretary of State of Fiôvâ, Minister of Foreign Affairs,Defence Minister and Seneschal. He resides in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Talossan Coffee Day

He proposed the Talossan Coffee Day, celebrated on July 22. On Talossan Coffee Day the citizens of Talossa are encouraged to "share and really enjoy a cup of coffee".

2nd El Pretz, Poetry Contest

Excelsio along with Tric'hard Lenxheir were honorable mentions in the 2nd El Pretz, Poetry Contest. Excelsio submitted the first and only poem in three languages, spanish, english and talossan.

Maricopan Poker Tour participation

After 9 years of inactivity from the original organizers, Excelsio organized and won the Third and Fourth Maricopan Poker Tournaments in 2022 and 2023.

Pedaling for a Cause: Talossan Flag Ride

Excelsio announced on May 22, 2023 that he was going to ride the Talossan flag around Fundidora Park shouting the name of anyone who donated $5 to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. This proposal was accepted by two members of his own party, the TNC's Baron Alexandreu Davinescu and Þerxh Sant-Enogat.

Talossan Embassy

Excelsio, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, passed a law to set a proper way to establish talossan embassies. His was the first Talossan embassy outside of the Talossan Area and outside of the United States of America as well.

59th Cosa Election

Bråneu became the Seneschal candidate for the 59th Cosa General Election for the Talossan National Congress. Despite not having a majority in the Congress, he became the Prime Minister with support from her adversary from the Free Democrats of Talossa, Miestră Schivă, who lended him a seat so a petition to the King could be made to appoint Excelsio as Seneschal. It was said that Excelsio's effort to build a bridge between the parties to lower the partisan heat was a key point to this agreement. This agreement was seemed as controversial by his own party and led to his abdication two months later.

59th Cosa and abdication

The agreement with the Free Democrats led to the TNC's founder, Breneir Tzaracomprada to renounce to the party to become an opposition party. Tzaracomprada later send Bråneu's personal messages to his private number to make him know that Bråneu's decision was wrong and that he hoped Bråneu's would soon be able to admit it. Bråneu found himself with an incomplete Cabinet, lost the general support of his own party, whom blocked him from taking help from the Free Democrats and quickly renounced his citizenship in January 6th, 2024[1].


Preceded by
Breneir Tzaracomprada
Prime Minister
October 31st, 2023/LIX/ - January 6th, 2024/LX/
Succeeded by
þerxh Sant-Enogat
Preceded by
Txoteu É. Davinescu
Ministry of Defence
September 13th, 2022/LVII/ - January 6th, 2024/LX/
Succeeded by
Mximo Carbonèl
Preceded by
Tierçéu Rôibeardescù
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
February 9th, 2023/LVIII/ - January 6th, 2024/LX/
Succeeded by
Mximo Carbonèl