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Dame Miestrâ Antoniâ Patritzsëfiglhâ Schivâ, UrN is a citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa and the province of Fiovă. She is the current Prime Minister of Talossa, the second Reviensadeir to assume the role.



Schivâ's citizenship application was famously rejected by the Uppermost Cort in 1997, and she went on to found the micronation of Penguinea later that year, alongside some former Talossans such as former Secretary of State Evan Gallagher. She notably created Penginijtung along with Evan Gallagher and Ián Txaglh.


Later on, she took part in the founding of the Republic of Talossa, of which she served as the first Seneschal (2005-2006) and the last President (2010-2012). One of the most prominent members of the Republic, she was involved in numerous political and cultural endeavours, such as magazine Qator Itrìns or propaganda sheet Entent-Tu.


In her role as President, she submitted the "Modest Proposal" to the government of the Kingdom on December 1st 2011, which was the first step towards Reunision. Upon Reunision, she immigrated in the province of Fiovă with the other former citizens of the Republic, and was knighted with the Urderi per la Naziun for her efforts towards the unification of Kingdom and Republic.

Immediately after returning, she sat in the last Clark of the 43rd Cosa with the Reunision Party.


A staunch republican, she went on to found and lead the Zefençadéirs del Repúblicanismeu Talossán (ZRT) alongside Carlüs Xheraltescù, as the Kingdom's heir of the Defencist Unity Party (PVZT). Ever since then she sat in the Cosa without interruption, except for a single term as the second Senator for Fiovâ in 2014-15.

Upon the "Time's Up Coalition"'s victory in the elections for the 46th Cosa, she accepted a Cabinet post as Minister of Culture, a role that she would retain to the present day, except for 14 months in 2015-2016. Concurrently, she won election in the Senate defeating the NPW's Dieter Vercáriâ; both of them had run in the previous election, but were defeated by independent Ián Anglatzarâ.

In early 2015, she merged her party with Xheraltescù's Liberal Congress to form the Free Democrats of Talossa. Schivâ was reshuffled from her usual post of Culture Minister to be Attorney-General following Vit Caçeir's October 2015 resignation; and upon the MRPT leaving Government she also substituted Lüc da Schir as Distain. The Free Democrats would go on to serve in opposition in the following term despite winning a then-best 66 seats under leader Dien Tresplet.

The party returned to government in 2017 and Schivâ was again assigned the Culture portfolio.

Schivâ took over from Viteu Marcianüs for a second stint as Leader of the Free Democrats in January 2019, and is currently serving as Prime Minister after winning the April 2019 General Election.


Schivâ is a fervent republican, although her party is technically agnostic on the issue of monarchy. Although she is the recipient of a chivalric honour, she personally dislikes the title of "Dame", often addressing herself and other people as "citaxhien" ("citizen").

Schivâ supports stricter requirements for prospective immigrants, such as a civics exam and providing proof of identity. She supports a fully secret ballot for national elections, and strict geographical assignment of citizens to provinces.

She has recently stated her support for an unicameral Ziu elected with Mixed-Member Proportional, and in general has advocated for the return of a Real Cosa of 20 seats.

In the past, she has described herself as a dirigist - an advocate of government stewardship of cultural endeavours. In recent years, she stated she believes "the Government should support cultural endeavours, but it should not be the primary force behind them"[1], a position more in line with other Talossan parties.



Preceded by
Ian Plätschisch
23 Feb 2019/XL - Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Éovart Grischun
Minister of Culture
31 Jan 2017/XXXVIII - Present
Succeeded by
Chelli Róibeard Nordselva 24 Jan 2014/XXXV - 4 April 2016/XXXVII Éovart Grischun
Preceded by
Ian Plätschisch
24 Oct 2017/XXXVIII - 29 Jul 2018/XXXIX
Succeeded by
Viteu Marcianüs
Carlüs Xheraltescu 4 May 2014/XXXV - 25 Jun 2015/XXXVI Lüc da Schir


Preceded by
Ián Anglatzarâ
Senator for Fiovă
46th Cosă - 49th Cosă
Succeeded by
Carlüs Xheraltescu
Member of Cosa 43rd  44th  45th  46th  49th     50th  51st  52nd  53rd  


Preceded by
Txec Rôibeardsëfiglheu
President of the Talossan Republic
June 1st, 2010/XXXI - April 19th, 2012/XXXIII
Succeeded by
Post Abolished
Preceded by
Post Created
Seneschal of the Talossan Republic
May 18th, 2005/XXVI - December 3rd, 2006/XXVII
Succeeded by
Inxheneu Crovâ


Preceded by
Post Created
Capitán of Fiôvâ
May 25th, 2012/XXXIII - July 1st, 2012/XXXIII
Succeeded by
C. Carlüs Xheráltescu
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