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The Government and politics of Fiôvâ takes place in a framework of direct democracy. The constitutional framework and the Standing Orders of the direct-democracy General Assembly are based loosely on those of the former Talossan Republic, whose former citizens were the original citizens of the Province at Reunision.



Executive power is exercised by the Provincial Government presided by the Cunstavál, the organically mandated representative of the Crown performing the same constitutional and ceremonial functions at the provincial level as does the King of Talossa at the national one. Head of government is the Capitán elected by the citizens of the province for a one-year term in May, who may delegate any executive powers to Provincial Ministers which are collectively and individually responsible to him.

List of Cunstaváis

Cunstaváis of Fiovă
# Cunstavál Term
1 Istefan Perþonest 2012/XXXIII-6-01 — incumbent

List of Capitáns

Capitáns of Fiovă
# Capitán Term
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN (acting) 2012/XXXIII-5-25 — 2012/XXXIII-6-30
1 Carlüs Xheráltsëfiglheu 2012/XXXIII-7-01 — 2014/XXXV-5-31
2 Gödafrïeu Valcádac'h 2014/XXXV-6-01 — 2015/XXXVI-5-31
3 Carlüs Xheráltsëfiglheu 2015/XXXVI-6-01 — 2015/XXXVI-8-29
4 Ián Luïç C. Baptiçistà 2015/XXXVI-8-30 — 2016/XXXVII-5-31
5 Üc Tärfâ 2016/XXXVII-6-01 — 2017/XXXVIII-5-31
6 Gödafrïeu Valcádac'h 2017/XXXVIII-6-01 — 2018/XXXIX-5-31
vacant 2018/XXXIX-6-01 — 2019/XL-2-23
7 Audrada Rôibeardét 2019/XL-2-23 — incumbent


See our main article on this subject at Standing Orders of the General Assembly (Fiova).

Legislative power is vested in both the government and the General Assembly composed by all the province's citizens and chaired by a Túischac'h elected by the Assembly. Another important officer is the Provincial Secretary of State whose duties are similar to its national counterpart and heads the Provincial Chancery. In the event that there is no Provincial Secretary of State, the Túischac'h may exercise its duties.

List of Provincial Túischac'hen

Túischac'hen of Fiovă
# Túischac'h Term
1 Xhorxh Asmoûr 2012/XXXIII-5-25 — 2012/XXXIII-7-29
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN (acting) 2012/XXXIII-7-29 — 2015/XXXVI-9-18
2 Carlüs Xheráltsëfiglheu 2015/XXXVI-9-18 — 2016/XXXVII-11-12
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN (acting) 2016/XXXVII-11-12
3 GV
4 Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN (acting) 2022/LVIII-12-1 — incumbent

List of Provincial Secretaries of State

Secretaries of State of Fiovă
# Secretary of State Term
1 Jum Tric'hardsëfiglheu 2012/XXXIII-5-25 — 2012/XXXIII-7-5
2 Üc Tärfâ 2012/XXXIII-7-15 — 2012/XXXIII-12-31
3 Eiric Börnatfiglheu 2013/XXXIV-1-1 — 2013/XXXIV-1-28
4 Éovart Andrinescu 2013/XXXIV-7-15 — 2015/XXXVI-4-17
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN (acting) 2015/XXXVI-4-17 — 2015/XXXVI-9-18
5 Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN 2015/XXXVI-9-18 — 2022/LVIII-12-02
6 Bråneu Excelsio 2022/LVIII-12-02 — incumbent



Judicial power is vested in the first instance in the Landsdoom consisting of one or more Adjudicators.

List of Adjudicators

Adjudicators of the Landsdoom of Fiovă
# Adjudicator Term
1 Tamorán dal Navâ, UrN 2012/XXXIII-7-6 — 2014/XXXV



Fiovă on the National level


Each of Talossa's eight provinces is represented in the Senäts by one Senator elected by the citizens of that province. At each general election, three Senators (out of the eight) are elected: the term of office for each Senate seat then is three Cosa-elections two times and two Cosa-elections the third, repeating.

List of Senators

Senators for Fiovă
# Senator Term
1 Ián Anglatzarâ 44th, 45th
2 Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN 46th, 47th, 48th
3 Carlüs Xheráltsëfiglheu 49th
4 Gödafrïeu Valcádach 50thincumbent