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Adam da Simeon
Adam da Simeon Arms.

Adam da Simeon is a citizen of Florencia. Adam da Simeon (Adam Simons) also knows some Talossan. He also is in the Talossan Observer as an advertiser and submitter.

Quick Stats

Talossan Since: March 3, 2013
Gender: Male
Locale: US,MN,Detroit Lakes
Top Books: Hunger Games (Series), Theory of Relativity, Shadow Children (Series), Eragon (Series), The God Delusion
Top TV Shows: Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, Family Guy
Top Music: Hologram, Radioactive, Same Love, Pompeii, Nom Nom Nom
Top Games: Minecraft, Mojang (Company), Bastion, Runescape

Contact this Citizen

Email Address:
Submitter, Advertiser - Talossan Observer
TALOSSAssistant - NCC

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