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Doctor Txec Róibeard Nordselva
Doctor Txec Róibeard Nordselva Arms.

Doctor Txec Róibeard Nordselva is a citizen of Maricopa. Txec Róibeard Nordselva, PhD is a citizen of Talossa and presently living in California. Dr. Nordselva was awarded the Immigration Achievement Award on November 26, 2012 after his fifth prospective, Daniel Williams, successfully completed the immigration process.

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Email Address: txec(at)
GChat: Txec.Nordselva(at)
Twitter: @@jrnorwood
President of the University of Talossa.
Member of the Cosa
Party Member - RUMP
TALOSSAssistant and member of the New Citizens Committee
Fulbright Fellow of the College of Arms
Oblivious Auditing Fellowship of the College of Arms

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Early Life

Dr. Txec Nordselva was born in 1972 in Frankfurt (what was then) West Germany. His father was in the United States Army. He likes to say that his birth wasn't all that interesting except that he was a twin and he was born well below 4 pounds, very small and spent his first month of life in the hospital.

Dr. Nordselva first language was German which to this day a causes a mild German accent despite not speaking Deutsch fluently since early childhood. He and his twin brother moved around a lot as they were Army brats. If they spent more than a year in a single school, it was a surprise.

The Nordselva family lived for a time in places such as Oklahoma, Maryland, and brief stints in Southern California when Dr. Norsdelva's father would be in remote places such as South Korea or Saudi Arabia. When he was 12, the family moved back to Germany, this time to a remote little village called Wildflecken, in Bavaria and extremely close to East Germany. Nearly every day, the East Germans would fly their MiGs over the housing area where they lived - very close to the ground to avoid the radar.

Dr. Nordselva was in Germany when Reagan bombed Libya and from that point on he and his schoolmates had to be escorted to school via bomb squads who searched the school buses relentlessly and actually did find a bomb one time. The Nordselvas left Germany in 1986 and moved permanently to California. They settled first in Northern California while Dr. Nordselva's dad finished his career in the Army, and then after he retired, the family moved to Southern California.

Post High School

Dr. Nordselva graduated from High School in 1990 with a desire to become a teacher, though that desire would not be fulfilled for some years to come as in his own words, he "dawdled around unsure for most of my 20s." He earned an Associates degree in Theology and finally his Bachelors degree in Information Technology which enabled him to begin substitute teaching. He took his teaching credential courses, passed the required teaching exams, and after a brief stint student teaching, Dr. Nordselva landed his first real teaching job. He has been teaching now full time for over 10 years. During that time he earned his Masters degree in Educational Technology and, finally, his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction.

In Dr. Nordselva's own words: "people think it is weird that a middle school teacher has a PhD. My response is that it was a lifelong dream so I did it. I am proud to be the most educated person in my family. I was the first to get a Masters degree and, so far, the only one with a PhD."

Dr. Nordselva is married to fellow citizen Cheli Nordselva (who he helped bring into the kingdom and received the Prime Ministers Patriotic Award for).

Integration into Talossan Society

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