Constitution of the Sovereign Province of Maricopa

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Talossan Version


The State

Art. 1. The Sovereign Province of Maricopa is an autonomous and self-governing member of the federal Talossan nation and pledges eternal allegiance to His Royal Majesty, and the Regipäts Talossan.

Art. 2. The name of the state is la Provinçù Soveran da Maricopa. In English, it is the Sovereign Province of Maricopa.

Art. 3. The sacred and irremovable territory of the Sovereign Province of Maricopa shall consist of the cantons of Taglheiria, Zuerieiria, Sandadia, Ovestia (or, in English, Schneideria, Murphysboro, Prachelion, and Wesernia, respectively).

Art. 4.The capital shall be designated by statute[1].

Art. 5. The sole historic and national language of the entire Talossan people, and therefore of the Maricopan Province, is the Talossan language (el glhetg Talossan). The Maricopan government shall also recognise English as a useful working second language, and may adopt tertiary working languages by law.

Art. 6. The Provincial flag shall consist of a triple cross, green upon white upon orange, on a white field.

El Cleivi

Art 7. Legislative power in the Sovereign Province of Maricopa is invested in the Cleivi. The Cleivi shall consist of all Maricopan citizens who wish to have membership in the body.

Art 8. The Cleivi shall have power to pass any bill into law by a simple majority vote of its members. The Premieir shall send out a notification of voting period, to be determined by law. Each member shall have a prescribed amount of time in which to cast his vote before voting closes.

El Premieir

Art 9. The Premieir shall be the majority leader in the Cleivi. He shall have the power to issue proclamations which have the force of law. These proclamations may be appealed or amended as regular laws.

Art 10. A new Premieir may be chosen at any time by a resolution approved by a majority of the Cleivi, but a resolution electing a new Premieir or continuing the current Premieir in office must be approved by the Cleivi at least once in every term of the national Cosa.

El Governadeir-Xheneral

Art 11. The Governadeir-Xheneral is the representative of the King of Talossa, and as such, shall have veto power over all laws of the Cleivi. The Governadeir-Xheneral is appointed by the King.

El Domnul-Senätsesc

Art 12. Maricopa’s delegate to the Senäts shall be known within the Province as el Domnul-Senätsesc. He shall be elected by the people of the province according to the procedures set forth in the Organic Law.

Distribution of Power

Art 13. So that no conflict of interest may occur, or that no one individual may take over the province in a hostile attempt, no-one may hold any more than one of the offices of Premieir, Governadeir-Xheneral, or Domnul-Senätsesc simultaneously, without express consent of the Cleivi.


Art 14. The Cort pü Inalt shall have original jurisdiction to try all cases arising under Maricopan law.

Art 15. If the population of the province is at least 15 voting citizens, The parties to a case may elect to have their case heard by a Tribunal of not less than 3 Maricopans created at need by the government according to procedures adopted by law. Their verdict of any such Tribunal may be appealed, if not unanimous, to the Talossan Cort pü Inalt.


Art 16. This Constitution may be altered by a Cleivi resolution, which must be passed into law by a referendum of the people attaining the favour of three-fifths of those who vote, and proclaimed by the Governadeir-Xheneral.


Art 17. We, the people of Maricopa, do hereby endorse this constitution for the government of our great Province and do therefore ordain it to be the highest law of our land!

  1. [1],Amended by Referendum, April 14 2013