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Hard Reality Paradigm (HaRP)
Leader: Alèxandreu Soleighlfred
Founded: 18 February, 2016
Beliefs: Civilizational skepticism, Derivatism, Technoskepticism, Deep Ecology, Real Talossa

Hard Reality Paradigm (HaRP) is a political party created by Alèxandreu Soleighlfred a month after his renunciation of MRPT membership. It was initially called Cause Against Civilization, but was promptly redesigned. It is expected to take part in General Elections for 50th or 51st Cosa.

Shortly after creaton, it was inexplicably discontinued after its leader renounced his citizenship.


  • Today's world is built on wrong values of perpetual growth and technofetishism and thus is in process of performing sociocide and ecocide
  • Civilization as we know it is not going to last for more than a century (at best) and therefore Internet will experience huge problems by that time or disappear
  • Kingdom of Talossa is too good a story to end in oblivion
  • We want to continue Talossa no matter what happens to the outside world or the digital sphere of technology
  • Talossa is a real, yet very peculiar country and should act accordingly
  • Our minds changed too much to return to most primitive stages of our society and our human nature is not the same as it was before


  • Gradually build a basis for Talossa outside of the Internet
  • Encourage non-Internet communication between the citizens of Talossa (e.g. letter writing, real life meeting)
  • Promote all projects that aim to make artifacts of affiliation to Talossa (coins, stamps, ID cards and such)
  • Promote values of environmentalism, sanity, simplicity in Talossa
  • Encourage development, learning and usage of Talossan language (e.g. make a Witt a chat room for Talossan-only chats)
  • Focus on attracting active and passionate citizens, that will help build Talossa beyond what it currently is
  • Preserve accurately Talossan history, documents, information and culture
  • Encourage Talossan artwork
  • Ideally, in case (or when) current international law stops functioning, inhabit real territory and build a society based on aforementioned principles


Party is regulated via Documents, which may be either public or private. Links to public documents are listed here. Party's main document is called Harpstitution. There's an option to be a member of HaRP privately, so as person's membership was only known by his co-partisans. This is possible because HaRP's member list is private. Though, before elections HaRP always publishes it's list of potential MC's and members of Provincial Assemblies, therefore those willing to hold a position in the Cosa need to be publicly known as members of HaRP.

HaRP Public Documents

HS-1 - Declaration This document contains the initial declaration of the party.

H-2 - Harpstitution The main regulatory document of HaRP.

HS-5 - A Technoaddict Species An essay on technological mania of humankind.